How to Create Good Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is what will draw buyers inside your home. If it looks terrible on the outside, but gorgeous on the inside, you’ve already lost potential buyers. They may not even 

come inside to look. Lack of curb appeal may give buyers

the impression you haven’t cared for your home or that the inside will look just like the outside. You can do many of the tasks below yourself if you’re on a limited budget. Spending a little on the outside up front will bring you a higher sales price in the end.

Here are some easy steps to make people STOP THE CAR!

  • Edge garden beds with a natural curve using a straight shovel to create a clean line
     between the lawn and garden.
  • Fill in garden plantings with low maintenance plants that are fit for your light conditions.
  • Plant annuals or nicely placed pots to add a pop of color.
  • Remove dead shrubs or trees. Prune existing plantings.
  • Spread fresh, dark colored mulch. Skip the artificially colored mulch!
  • Hire a painter to deal with any chipping or peeling paint, including fence lines. Crisp,
     clean and bold trim tidies a place up quickly! Don’t forget the shutters!
  • Paint your front door a fun color that works with your main home color.  curbappealyellowdoor.jpg
  • Use symmetry when deciding what to put where.
  • Fix cracked sidewalks or driveways. Consider stamped
     concrete if redoing either of these in entirety. Curved
     walkways are more inviting than a straight shot from the 
    street to the front door. If this is too expensive, consider  
    renting a power washer and brightening up what you do
  • Boost lawn by hiring a company to weed, fertilize, aerate
     or follow a prescribed lawn treatment program available at
    local garden centers if you want to do it yourself.
  • Use a weed whacker on lawn edges to create a crisp, clean
  • Fix any leaning fences or broken gates. 
  • Power wash any decking or wood fence lines to give them
     a new look. 
  • Put up new house numbers and make sure they are level, straight and evenly spaced.
  • Buy a new door mat.
  • Have your windows cleaned.
  • Take note of your roof’s condition. It may need a cleaning or a replacement may need to
     be considered if the existing roof is dingy and streaked. Typically roofs are a large portion
     of what people see from the street.
  • Sweep away cobwebs and debris on front porch and around doors and windows.
  • Look at what potential buyers see through your windows. Try to have uniform window
     treatments and consistent types of light bulbs for even light tone that buyers will see from
     the outside.
  • Consider a new mailbox if yours is older and dated.
  • Consider a new light fixture.
  • Keep front yard tidy and picked up.
  • Ask your neighbors and friends of their impressions of your house. Take their advice! A
     fresh eye will notice things you’ve become accustomed to and may not consider as
    something that needs your attention.


                              Before and Afters

 Some simple shutters, a trim touchup, a new front door color  with a small portico and the tiniest bit of landscaping make the  home on the left WAY more appealing and polished looking.


A simple portico, a fresh paint color and super simple landscaping make the home on the right look WAY more inviting and current.


A few columns with a fresh white railing paired with a more current front door and a curvy new stamped concrete walkway give the home on the left a fresh and "more with it" feel. The bright green grass makes it pop and look loved.

Do you still feel lost as to what you should spend your precious pennies on to make your house shine? Then give us a call! We'd be happy to stop by and let you know what we think as industry strings attached.
Rhonda Mortensen
Rhonda Mortensen