Kaldi's Social House
There are times Silver Spring retail and eateries can seem over run with chains. But there are the hidden gems that make life so much richer. Kaldi's Social House is the perfect example. Located in the old part of downtown Silver Spring at 918 Silver Spring Ave it captures a wide variety of people. At any given time you can find the typical NOAA employee telecommuting, a couple of moms getting together as their babies fidget with cheerios and straws, professionalskaldissocialhouseupperdeck.jpg meeting to discuss future plans, or individuals that work from home that want a different environment for the day. It reminds me of what coffee houses started as, community hubs fueled by great coffee. Kaldi's Social House also lends itself to those that want to pop in and grab a quick cup to go. They offer online ordering to make things easier for that clientele. In the early hours of the day it's great for a good cup of coffee and by night you can order up your favorite cocktail to kick off the evening. The interior is spacious with multiple seating options and when the weather cooperates they have an amazing rooftop deck with a bar.

kaldissocialhouse.jpg I've found the music to be just right for getting lots of  work done, not too distracting or too boring that it puts  you to sleep. Their wifi is super fast and they offer 3  different networks to be sure everyone is covered.  Customers are instantly welcomed by a staff that gets  to know you. They visit and share lots about what's  going on their world. Parking is easy with a parking  garage immediately behind it and a few on street spots  out front.

As someone that always went to Starbucks, I've found myself going to Kaldi's more and more and feeling like part of a much bigger community. Support your local businesses and they support you!


Rhonda Mortensen
Rhonda Mortensen